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Demolition St George Utah | Commercial and Residential Dust Free

Residential Demolition

We do Dust Free Residential Demolition! Kitchens, bathrooms and more.

Commercial Demolition

Big or Small, We have your Commercial Demolition covered!

Religious Demolition

We have all the proper certifications and travel nationwide, renovating religious buildings.

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Commercial Demolition

Commercial demolition is a specialty of ours. we strategically move through the process of dismantling or removing whatever is needed for your project.

 Whether we are just removing flooring for a new look, or removing the entire inside or structure of a commercial building, we strive to provide the best service possible. 

We use specialized equipment for efficient structural removal, minimizing  property and environmental impact. Emphasizing safety we remove all hazardous material carefully. 

Our waste management follows eco-friendly practices, recycling materials wherever possible. The project site is then remediated, ensuring its readiness for future commercial ventures.

Residential Demolition

We do all types of Residential demolition. Our demolition process is “Dust Free” while this sounds like there will be no dust involved in the process, the reality is that we do everything possible to eliminate or keep the dust at a minimum. 

Your residential demolition project begins with a detailed site assessment, hazardous material identification, and regulatory compliance, the process prioritizes safety and how to keep the rest of your house in the best condition during the process. 

Depending on the demolition being done, we will ensure that your utilities remain usable with special attention given to waste management and responsible disposal. 

We are experts in residential demolition and we ensure not only the efficient removal of structures but also a considerate approach to your lifestyle and needs.

Religious Demolition

Religious demolition requires a delicate and respectful approach while still getting the job done. Each one of our staff are trained and have current recommends from religious organizations. 

Reverence, sensitivity, adherence to regulations, and community engagement are paramount, recognizing the emotional and historical significance of these buildings. Preservation of religious artifacts and symbols requires expertise to navigate the removal and replacement process. 

Through collaboration with religious leaders and the local communities we provide the best demolition services while respecting the sacred nature, safety protocols and environmental considerations guiding each projects demolition.

The Right Tools for the Toughest Jobs

Whether you are looking to have your old flooring removed, a bath taken out, vinyl ripped up, stone torn out, or any other form of demolition work, Lannister Demolition can help! As the Southern Utah experts in commercial and residential demolition, we have the right tools for the job, no matter the size.

Are you looking to update your flooring, but have no idea how remove the old flooring? Have you ever tried removing flooring yourself and found the task to be quite the project? Welcome Lannister Demolition! Southern Utah’s best flooring removal company!

Not only do we have the capability to remove your tile virtually dust free, but we have the right tools to get the hardest jobs done efficiently and in a timely manner.

Our machinery is designed specifically to make easy work out of tough jobs.